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This is an online art gallery

This gallery is for artists who have spent time in or been raised in the foster care system. Particularly the ages going through the transition from foster youth to foster adults, Transitional Age Youth (TAY) many statistics say between the ages of 16-25.  We believe ages 14-20 are critical years for these individuals to have extra attention.  At this time we are only accepting submissions from 18 years +.  Creating art is a positive outlet.

Some Examples


“the struggle” #002

B-Day: Sept 13



                                         “Design Into the Future” #001

                                  B-DAY: Sept 13


Become a member to access artists anonymous portfolios. Get to know and follow each foster artist. Contribute to their growth.

Mission, Vision and Plan


Foster Artists is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization supporting the foster community through art.  This resilient and talented population throughout the nation needs support and attention so that they may contribute to their futures along with their community’s future through artistic industries.


Our Mission: Is for foster artists (18 years +) to have an online art gallery to submit their work, be rewarded for it and anonymously viewed by career scouts and others.  Helping equip them with tools and support for their growth.  Its mission is for the benefit of the public.

Our Vision: Is to be a positive presence online for the foster care community and other communities.

Plan to achieve mission:  Artists submit their art work into a Profile, the goal is to reward each submission with a voucher donated.  For example: an artist submits their work and receives a new pair of shoes for it, or art supplies to continue (this is a reason to create their form of art, submit it and claim a voucher.  This is also a reason for companies to donate reward vouchers for submissions).  Upon approval, a submission is accepted into the main gallery as a sample of their type of art, style and work.  The Main Gallery is anonymous and open to all viewers.  Members only have access to view anonymous Portfolios.  Getting to know each artist their voucher wish list and more.  This is a hands-on, online art gallery supporting the foster community (our children, who are now adults finding their way through art).  Foster Artists and Supporters Unite.

A few statistics about the foster care system:  Source: childwelfare.gov 2013


Estimated 402,378 children in foster care, 28% in relative homes, 47% in non-relative homes, 53% had a case goal of reunification with their families, 51% who left foster care were discharged to be with a parent, 46% who left foster care were in care for less than 1 year.

2004: Entries 305,000        2013: Entries 254,904  (decreased)

2004: Exits 283,000            2013: Exits 238,280    (decreased)

Race, Ethnicity & Gender :  42% white, 24% black, 22% hispanic, 9% multiracial, 3% unknown

2013 of estimated 402,378:      52% Male     48% female


Question: I don’t want people to know I was or am in the foster care system.  How do I be discreet?

Answer:  Main galleries and portfolios are anonymous for that reason and more.   More Q&A

Artists: Same access as VIP members

Submit Art Work:  Submit art work whether you think it’s good or notMake it available for others to see.  Keep the original art work in good condition in case there is a supporter interested in purchasing it with a voucher.  Supporters will pay for shipping, handling and insurance if desired.  The artists are responsible for getting the original art work to the supporters.  Only submit pieces available to send and in good condition.  This gallery,  supporters and members want to see what artists have created, what they are good at, what they like to do artistically.  Paint with passion, submit the work, wrap it up as if it were worth something, check in with us.  Every supporter cares.

Artistic Employment Opportunities: Art is life.  Life is art.  Creative people are the life blood of every industry, whether they are coloring in bears for toilet paper or drawing the next feature film.  Be an inspiration to life by finding great ways to express art.  We will do our best to provide links to assist in finding a job or browsing for your next inspiration.

Create a Profile: There are 3 access areas in this gallery.

1.  Profile: Edit anytime with a user name and password.  Submit art work, print vouchers, create voucher wish lists and more in this area.  Artists on a path to becoming effective, responsible citizens with ambition, inspiration and desires to achieve things, but need extra guidance and a place that cares about personal growth, this is that gallery,  Foster Artists Unite ! This is a community who wants the best for the artists.  Vouchers are for needs. They are a form of cash. Vouchers are for gas, food, rent, hair cuts, car washes, bills, insurance, washing machine, toaster, etc.  Vouchers are a means to becoming responsible adults and citizens.  Vouchers are documents that give evidence of an expenditure.

2. Portfolios (anonymous): Members only have access to artists portfolios.  Members/Supporters view all the submitted art from each artist and see the voucher wish lists here. If a member/supporter wants to give a birthday gift voucher to their favorite artists, they can in this area.  If a supporter wants to purchase a piece of art work from this area or from the main gallery they can with a voucher bid.  These bids are viewed in this area and it’s up to the artist if they want to accept the voucher bid or not. Artists are responsible for getting original art work to their supporters.  Only submit pieces available to send and in excellent condition. Supporters are responsible for shipping, handling and insurance if desired.

3. Main Gallery (anonymous): Samples of artists work.



Anyone can be a supporter.  Support foster artists here by donating Vouchers .  Vouchers are for needs. They are a form of cash. Vouchers are for gas, food, rent, hair cuts, car washes, bills, insurance etc.  Vouchers are a means to becoming responsible adults and citizens.  Vouchers are documents that give evidence of an expenditure.

A shoe store might donate a voucher for a pair of shoes,  A restaurant might donate a meal voucher,  An insurance company might donate a voucher for 6 months of car insurance,  A car company might donate a voucher for a month off of a car payment,  A transportation company might donate a voucher for a ride,  An individual might purchase a number of vouchers to do all of the above.

Be an inspiration, care about our foster youth, have tremendous impact in their futures and their communities.  How we view our young people today will shape the country we have tomorrow.  Have the foster artists wear your shoes, eat with their friends in your restaurant or have a car to drive.

The goal is to reward every artist’s entry with a voucher. For example an artist submits a picture and gets a meal in a restaurant for it. This is a good reason for our foster artists to draw a picture and submit it.

This online gallery and it’s mission can only work with supporters donating vouchers and artists submitting their work.

Donate vouchers (for classes, art supplies, Dr. appointments and much more) for entries and birthdays.

Purchase vouchers to donate from the consignment list.

Make a contribution to the gallery for it’s maintenance and growth.

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Access Artists anonymous portfolios and voucher wish lists.  The artist who created your favorite work might be having a birthday and on their voucher wish list is a TV.  Give their wish voucher gift for their birthday for the time, energy, focus and investment the artists put into each piece they submit.

VIP Members:  Receive discounts to purchase vouchers to donate.

Career Scout Members: Receive discounts to purchase vouchers to donate.  Same status as VIP Members


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