Foster Artists  Announcements and Q&A



Question: How do I know my images will be safe?

Answer:  RESPONSIBILITY OF ART WORK.   Members only have access to enter each portfolio.  Members only are able to purchase from the Site.  All artists entering their work into this Site must agree to give up all rights holding the Site responsible for any losses.  If the author feels their art is worth legal protection then it is their responsibility as the author to copyright each of the pieces they feel needs legal protection.  It is not the responsibility of the Site to legally protect each image that is submitted with a copyright.  Authors take full responsibility for the protection of their work.  They may water mark any images submitted or any other form of protection they feel is appropriate.  The Site has disabled the right click capability and added foster artists into each image submitted.  If you want to copyright an image or piece here is the link to get started.


Announcement: 1-9-2016 Voting in America is a right for adults (18+), many other countries don’t have that right.  So why not get to know what each candidate running for President is about (we are in the middle of choosing our next President). Try to understand the stance of each candidate focusing on what’s important. It’s hard to sift through what’s important or not (good luck). Listen to how they will try to lead our country remembering that they will have to go through congress. Once you are informed to the best of your ability, use our right and enjoy the privilege of voting. The day to vote is November 8th 2016.  To vote you have to be registered, once registered, a notice will come by mail to the location of your area to vote.  It’s fun and you feel proud of yourself afterward. Polling areas need your help and the city will pay you to help out at the polls that day. JOB!  Here is a random link if you want to get started.

Announcement: 12-23-2016  Good job America – Congratulations to the President Elect


Question:  I don’t want people to know I was or am in the foster care system.  How do I be discreet?

Answer: Main galleries and portfolios are anonymous for that reason & more.


Question:  How do I know the artist was in or raised in the foster care system?

Answer: At the time of submission the artist enters a form of proof.  Upon approval the gallery may accept a submission.


Question:  What if I want to purchase a piece of art work ?

Answer:  PROCEDURE: PURCHASE OF ART WORK.  Only members and VIP members are able to purchase work from this gallery.  Make a contact inquiry regarding a purchase through the Contact Us form.   Once an inquiry for a purchase has been made.  The gallery will attempt to contact the artist through the e-mail or phone number they provided in their profile.  The gallery will verify the artist is in possession of the art and it is not damaged.  If the artist has the original art work and the buyer is interested, the sale may go through.  It is the responsibility of the artist to ship the art work to the buyer within 7 days of the sale. Transactions will go through Pay Pal.  Each artist has their own unique agreement with the gallery before they become participating artists. (example: The cake artist may receive 100% of the sales, while an oil on canvas split 80% artist – 20% gallery).  Once the transaction has been made and the work has been received by the buyer, there will be a review from the artist to the buyer and from the buyer to the artist.  Once the review has been made, the artist and buyer may continue selling and buying art work from the gallery.  All members and artists are asked to be flexible.

Members and Artists Unite.