Proceeds support foster artists and other artists (18 years old +) providing an online art gallery and art shows for art work to be seen, rewarded and sold.

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Mission, Vision and Plan


Mission:  This is an online art gallery for foster artists and other artists  (18 years old +)  to submit images of art work and be rewarded for it. Viewed and purchased through this gallery and art shows.

Vision:  To be a positive presence online for the foster care community and art communities.

Plan to achieve mission:  Artists submit images of their art work through the Contact Us form. The goal is to reward submissions with  vouchers donated.  For example: an artist submits an image of their work and claims a voucher for a new pair of shoes or art supplies to continue or a hair cut (This is a reason to create their form of art, submit an image of it and claim a voucher. This is also a reason for companies to donate reward vouchers for submissions). All artists can claim a voucher after a submission.  Upon approval, a submission may be accepted into a main gallery.  In most cases the artists are responsible for shipping and handling their art.  Reviews are made after transactions.

This gallery enjoys participating and supporting other charities and organizations in our communities

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