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This is an foster art gallery online community


FosterARTists is a 501(c)(3) charitable

organization supporting foster artists and

other artists (18 years old +) by providing an

foster art gallery online community and art show fundraisers for art work to be

seen, rewarded and purchased by art enthusiasts.

Mission, Vision and Plan


Mission:  This is an art gallery online community for foster artists and other artists (18 years old +) to submit images of art work and be rewarded for it. Viewed and purchased by art enthusiasts through this gallery and art show fundraisers.

Vision: Is to be a positive presence online for the foster care community and the art  community.

Plan to achieve mission:  Artists submit images of their art work through the Contact Us form. The goal is to reward submissions with  vouchers donated.  For example: an artist submits an image of their work and claims a voucher for a new pair of shoes or art supplies to continue or a hair cut (This is a reason to create their form of art, submit an image of it and claim a voucher. This is also a reason for companies to donate reward vouchers for submissions). Upon approval, a submission may be accepted into a main gallery.  All artists can claim a voucher after acceptance.  In most cases the artists are responsible for shipping and handling their art.  Reviews are made after transactions.


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Some Examples

Gorilla Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Oil On Canvas
Purchase  “Gorilla” #023

HDR Industrial Photography Art Online

(13X19) HDR Photography
Purchase  “Industrial” #082

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A few statistics about the foster care system.  Source: 2013

Estimated 402,378 children in foster care, 28% in relative homes, 47% in non-relative homes, 53% had a case goal of reunification with their families, 51% who left foster care were discharged to be with a parent, 46% who left foster care were in care for less than 1 year.

2004: Entries 305,000        2013: Entries 254,904 

2004: Exits 283,000            2013: Exits 238,280    

Race, Ethnicity & Gender :  42% white, 24% black, 22% hispanic, 9% multiracial, 3% unknown

2013 of estimated 402,378:      52% Male     48% female

Question: I don’t want people to know I was or am in the foster care system.  How do I be discreet?

Answer:  Main galleries and portfolios are anonymous (if you choose) for that reason and more.   More Q&A

Some Community Photos

Foster Art Gallery
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