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Artist Post Art Online tall trees

Foster Artist:  

Three tall trees on a snowy plane. Small mountains in the back with a hint of sun set.

I’ve been in the foster care system since I was three years old. Growing up in the foster care system was not an easy thing for any child to have to go through. Going from home to home, being split up with the rest of your family was extremely unsettling to whiteness, and even more so to be apart of. Throughout all of the chaos I found myself alone with nothing but the cloths on my back and a pencil. That’s when I realized that when I need someone to talk to, or I need to express myself without being judged; I had art. Drawing got me through some of my toughest times. Throughout the years my art progressed and my drawings soon turned into paintings, and my paintings into sculptures. Art has truly been the only concrete thing in my life and I intend to pursue it for as long as I can hold a brush.

This artist has a stable job, enjoying art on the side.

I give this gallery 5 stars….it’s a great way for foster artist to show that they can create something better then their passed and show something beautiful for their future.” Artist (after receiving payment and contributing to the gallery, thank you)



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