Vouchers for Art Submission


are for needs,  a form of cash. Vouchers are donated from local businesses or purchased by members to donate for submissions.  Vouchers are for things like food, Dr. visits, gas, phone, hair cuts, car washes, bills, dentists, insurance, etc. This online gallery is for artists to submit images of art work and be rewarded for it, not as a means of income.  Vouchers are documents that give evidence of expenditures.  Vouchers are for art submissions from foster artists and other artists.  Upon approval, submissions are accepted into the galleries. 

artists, local businesses and art enthusiasts unite

Donated Vouchers:  For all artists to choose from if they wish.

Submit a piece of work and claim a donated voucher

 3 available to claim    2  redeemed 

Enjoy reading how these vouchers touch the lives of our participating artists.

Voucher Consignment page:   Purchase vouchers to donate for artist submissions while supporting local businesses at the same time.

vouchers on consignment to purchase to donate